The Benefits of a Root Canal Therapy

When you hear your dentist use the words “root canal” you may worry about an invasive procedure that is going to cause you pain. But the truth is that if your dentist is recommending root canal therapy, there is a good reason for it and a lot of benefits that you stand to gain.

In this article, we will discuss what exactly root canal therapy entails and what its benefits are.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a procedure during which your dentist will remove dead or infected pulp / nerve from the centre (otherwise called as root canal) of your tooth and then disinfect the tooth with a antimicrobial solutions to prevent bacteria from growing back. The soft/dead and infected pulp/nerve tissue of the tooth is replaced with an inert / rubber-like filling, and very often a crown is placed on the tooth as tooth after root canal treatment will become fragile mostly.

The main reasons why root canal therapy may be needed are:

  • Severe decay and/or infection caused by a cavity.
  • Chips and cracks to a tooth.
  • Injuries to the pulp of the tooth.
  • Multiple problems with the same tooth.

What are the benefits of having root canal therapy?

There are many benefits of having root canal therapy, as outlined below:

It stops infection

An infected tooth is often incredibly painful, but more than that, it can also be dangerous to your overall health. Tooth decay can often be stopped in its tracks with a simple filling, but if the decay is left too long, it will spread and can lead to serious infection.

While some patients worry that root canal therapy may cause pain, the fact is that once the procedure is performed, they usually feel very relieved because the pain that had been caused by the infection is now gone.

It can help you to save your tooth

The goal of your dentist will be to preserve your natural tooth if at all possible. Before root canal therapy was the common treatment that it is today, the remedy for infected teeth was usually extraction. Thankfully root canal treatment in Brampton is now widely available, and it has helped many patients to save their teeth.

It helps to keep your jawbone healthy

In order for your jawbone to stay healthy, it requires stimulation. Usually, the thing that provides this stimulation is your natural teeth. When a patient has missing teeth, the jawbone surrounding that area will begin to deteriorate and shrink. Because root canal therapy can save you from losing your natural teeth, it also, by extension helps to keep your jawbone healthy.

It can help with tooth sensitivity

Just like root canal treatment can relieve pain caused by infection, it can also relieve pain caused by tooth sensitivity. Some patients have sensitivity that is so severe, it can interfere with their daily routine and their quality of life. In these extreme cases, a dentist may recommend root canal therapy to alleviate pain caused by sensitive teeth.

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When you think about it, root canal therapy is an amazing advancement in dental care. If your dentist is recommended root canal therapy for you, it is because they believe it will provide the benefits you need and protect your health. If you are experiencing problems with your teeth – or if it has been a while since you last checkup –contact us today to make an appointment.

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