Considering porcelain veneers? Here’s what you should know

Veneers are a great way to enhance your smile without having to go through the process of implants. If you’re considering making an appointment with your dentist in Brampton to get porcelain veneers to brighten your smile, here’s what you need to know about them.

What are veneers?

Veneers, and more specifically porcelain veneers, are very thin pieces of a material (like porcelain) that are applied to fit over the front of your teeth. They are incredibly strong, and they look natural.

The colour will be made to match the shade of your teeth (or possibly a little brighter) so that no one will notice that you have veneers on your teeth.

What are the benefits of veneers?

Veneers will be made specifically for each patient who gets them done as moulds of your mouth will be taken to model your teeth. This means it’s a guaranteed perfect fit, customized just for your mouth to correct the appearance of minor imperfections.

Veneers can also make your smile look much brighter as your dentist can make them in any desired shade. This means you can have that million-dollar smile with just an application of veneers.

How do you take care of veneers?

Most veneers will be good for about 10 years, provided you take proper care of them. They can, however, experience damage depending on how you eat and other daily habits you may have. If you eat foods that are excessively hard, that could lead to the veneers chipping or cracking.

It’s important that people with veneers brush and floss their teeth at least twice daily. With this type of dental care, patients have been able to extend the life of their veneers up to 20 years.

Having veneers doesn’t prevent you from getting cavities, though. So anyone with veneers should always get their regular check-ups with their Brampton dentist to make sure they do not develop any cavities under the veneers.

Further, you should avoid anything that can cause excessive staining (such as smoking or drinking a lot of coffee or red wine) to your teeth. Veneers themselves will generally resist staining but the cement that bonds them to your teeth will not. This means you will see staining with the cement around or behind the portion of the veneer on your teeth.

Who are the best candidates for porcelain veneers?

Getting porcelain veneers isn’t going to be the best fit for everyone, but there are some people who will be better suited than others.

If you have teeth that are chipped or decayed, you may want to consider finding a dentist in Brampton that works with veneers and can easily brighten your smile. Further, irregularly shaped teeth can be ideal for veneers as the veneers can even out your smile and make it look like all your teeth are evenly sized and shaped.

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