4 Reasons Why You Might Need a Tooth Extracted

Tooth pain is one of the most unbearable pains anyone can go through. Damage to our teeth over the years can cause issues with our overall dental health, and in some cases, you may need to have a tooth, or two, extracted. Thankfully, you will not have to go far as tooth extractions Brampton are done by local dentists, and you will be able to schedule an appointment that fits in your calendar.

Here are four reasons why you might need to have a tooth extracted.

Damage that cannot be repaired

As careful as we might be, accidents do happen, and sometimes these accidents will damage our teeth. In some cases, a dentist or oral surgeon may be able to fix the damage to your tooth and restore your smile easily.

In other cases, though, this accident may have caused damage that just cannot be repaired, and you will need to have the tooth (or partial tooth) extracted for your own oral health. Teeth cracked or damaged and not extracted can cause a major infection and damage to surrounding teeth.

Periodontal disease

One of the very first signs of periodontal disease is gingivitis, which is an infection in a person’s gums. If the condition isn’t treated in the early stages, it can easily spread to other parts of your mouth. The kind of bacteria that is involved with gingivitis can get into a person’s bloodstream (when untreated), and that can lead to diabetes, stroke and even heart disease.

In addition to ruining your teeth, having periodontal disease can actually cause major issues with your overall health. Thankfully, with regular checkups at the dentist, your hygienist will check for signs of disease so that it can be caught early and treated appropriately.

Significant decay

Genetics play a major factor in our teeth and how well they age. While taking care of our teeth and oral health will go a long way, some people are going to be more prone to tooth decay than others.

Regular brushing and flossing, along with dental checkups, will help to prevent major tooth decay. Those who are more prone to tooth decay will often find they have softer enamel than others, which is how bacteria and other harmful things get at the teeth and cause decay.

Making sure to avoid a lot of sugary drinks and brushing regularly will help to make sure bacteria is removed from your mouth and isn’t sitting on your gums or in-between your teeth.


When you have more teeth in your mouth than the room, it can cause teeth to crowd together and give you a misshapen bite or smile. For people who are embarrassed by their smile, having teeth removed to make some more space can give them a smile they love.

In many cases, teeth removed due to overcrowding will be accompanied by orthodontic treatment – like braces – to straighten out the remaining teeth and create a beautiful smile.

In order for orthodontic treatment to work, the teeth need space to move and create a beautiful smile, so removing teeth due to overcrowding means that healthy teeth are going to be taken out of the patient’s mouth.

So, will I just have an empty space after an extraction?

For many people, having a tooth extracted means they will feel embarrassed about their smile or like everyone is just staring at their missing tooth.

One of the ways a dentist will fix a patient’s smile is with a device called a dental bridge. This is an appliance that has false teeth attached to it, and it will make it impossible to tell that you’re even missing any teeth.

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