What to Eat After a Tooth Extraction

Following a tooth extraction, you can expect your mouth to be sore or sensitive for several days, so you may not feel much like eating. But ensuring that you are taking care of yourself and getting proper nutrition is important as you heal.

Here are a few tips on how and what to eat following a tooth extraction.

How to eat after tooth extraction

For the first few days following a tooth extraction, it is important to only chew on the opposite side of your mouth that was treated. Chances are you will be consuming a lot of liquids during this type but avoid the temptation to drink through a straw since the suction could cause you to dislodge the blood clot which will cause your healing process to take longer.

What to eat after tooth extraction

Immediately following your tooth extraction, you mouth will be numb from the anesthetic so it is best to avoid hot foods as you could easily burn yourself without realizing it. Wait at least an hour before consuming warm foods.

For the first couple of days following your surgery, choose foods that require no chewing and that do not have any chunks or pieces which could get accidently trapped in the socket. Foods like soup (purees or broth), smoothies, yogurt, pudding, ice cream are all good choices. If you’d like to go for something a little more substantial, make sure that it is still something that is very soft like scrabbled eggs or well-cooked pasta.

Once you are past day two of your recovery, you should still focus on soft foods for another few days. This may include bread, pasta, soft vegetables, heartier (but still soft) soups, softer cheeses, chicken, ground beef, and so forth.

After day five, you can slowly start incorporating other foods as your mouth starts to feel better and as you feel comfortable. Depending on your comfort level and how well your mouth is feeling, you may wish to stick with soft foods for a little longer, or you may feel ready to progress to more solid foods.

If you are finding it a challenge to get enough protein in your diet during this time, consider options such as cottage cheese or protein shakes.

What to avoid after tooth extraction

Following tooth extraction surgery, it is advised that you stay away from alcoholic beverages for at leas 24 hours. If your dentist or oral surgeon has prescribed pain medications, you should avoid consuming alcoholic beverages until you are no longer taking those medications.

Also, for the first week or so after your extraction, it’s best to avoid crunchy, chewy, or brittle foods such as nuts, chips, popcorn, and certain cuts of meat.

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