8 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve your Smile

Having that beautiful, brilliant smile can do so much for your self-esteem, but not everyone is going to have that perfect smile naturally. This is where cosmetic dentistry comes in, and it can really help you love your smile and boost your confidence. Here are eight ways that cosmetic dentistry in Brampton can improve your smile.

Whiten your teeth

Who doesn’t love a brilliant smile? Whitening your teeth is a form of cosmetic dentistry, and you will see an immense improvement immediately after treatment.


If you have a tooth, or two, that aren’t quite the same shape or size of the rest of your teeth you can get veneers to give you a beautiful smile. This treatment goes over your natural teeth, and you will see immediate results.

Enamel bonding

This procedure can be used fix minor imperfections, like small chips, in teeth to give you the smile you always wanted. This procedure is less involved than veneers, but the part that is bonded may need to be replaced more often so something to keep in mind before getting them done.

Dental implants

If you are missing teeth, dental implants may have been an option presented to you. An implant will look like your natural tooth, even down to matching the shade of the teeth around it so it’s not obvious it’s an implant.

Enamel shaping

For people who have crooked teeth, getting braces may not be an option so they want another way to straighten their smile. Enamel shaping involves shaving down the teeth that stick out or are crooked so that they are aligned and all the same size. Your dentist can also fill in some small cracks between teeth at the same time.

Dental crowns

If you have teeth that are severely discoloured or decaying, you may want to consider getting a crown on the affected teeth. A crown is effectively a cap that goes over top of your existing tooth. It can be shaped and coloured to give you your dream smile, while protecting your natural tooth from further decay.


You can also consider getting a bridge, as an alternative to an implant. Implants can be costly so if these are not right for you then a bridge can be a great option. A bridge is an appliance that you wear during the day, but you can also get permanent bridges put in. They will have one tooth, or more on them so when you have them in your mouth you won’t be able to tell you are missing any teeth.


This procedure is an alternative to traditional braces, where you have custom made clear trays you wear for about 22 hours a day but take out for eating and brushing. Over a period of time (as little as 6 months) you will be able to straighten your smile and get the smile you always wanted.

The treatment is customized to your needs, and to straighten your teeth. You won’t see immediate results, but you will notice changes over time and you don’t even need to get traditional braces.

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