How to avoid pain during root canal treatment?

Many people try to avoid root canal treatments just because they dread the procedure and it’s quite normal. The idea of lying half down on the patient’s chair and letting someone (even if that someone is a professional dentist) drill away infection in the tooth can cause severe anxiety. However, what you should know is that, although the procedure is invasive, in the hands of an expert Brampton dentist, the procedure goes smoothly. You may sense some pain as the comes from the root of the tooth that is being operated upon and it is only temporary. If you still feel pain while the procedure is being carried out, you have come to the right blog post. Here we share some tips on how you can avoid and manage pain during a root canal procedure.

Managing root canal pain- one tip at a time

  • You should know that at the start of the procedure the dentist’s team will use some form of local anesthetic as it is an invasive surgery. However, if you want to ensure that you want to avoid pain, it’s a good idea to follow everything the dentist says during the surgery.
  • If you feel pain, let the dentist know immediately so he/she can manage the pain, and the procedure can continue smoothly. Dentist may need to give you more local anesthetic drug if the infection is severe.
  • It may take a couple of sittings for the entire procedure to be completed so in between, avoid drinking sugary liquids and chewing on hard food. It doesn’t only help you avoid pain, but also helps in the recovery process.
  • Even after taking all the precautions, if you still feel pain, consider taking some over-the-counter pain relief medication, you can request your dentist to put it in the prescription for you.

Once you undergo the RCT treatment, you’ll need to schedule further appointments for check-ups on the condition of your fillings. Your dentists can use dental crowns in Brampton to restore your natural tooth functionalities. For more informative blogs on dental issues, keep an eye on this space.

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