Why do Dentists recommend teeth whitening? Know from Dental Square

Who doesn’t like a dazzling white smile? It makes you look more attractive and also boost your confidence, especially for everyone who is very image-conscious. That’s why you like to maintain a comprehensive dental routine; you brush every day, floss, go for dental check-ups on a regular basis. However, even after taking all the precautions, you may notice your teeth losing their brightness. There can be several reasons behind this, it can be your diet,  (what you eat or drink) your smoking and drinking habits or it could be just plain old age. So what do you do, when your teeth lose their whiteness. The solution is teeth whitening Brampton and dentists across Canada are recommending it. Read on to find out more on why may want to consider whitening your teeth.

The working behind the process

Teeth “whitening” can be explained as any process that will in making your teeth appear whiter. Generally, it’s done in two: there are bleaching products and there are non-bleaching whitening products. You may think that the terms “bleaching” and “whitening” are almost the same and can be used interchangeably, but that’s far from true. The term bleaching can only be when a product contains bleach. These products contain peroxide (hydrogen or carbamide) and they can remove both surface and deep stains on teeth making the teeth look brighter than their natural shade. A product is considered simply “whitening” when it removes food or debris from the teeth without bleach.

Let the professionals take care of it

Teeth whitening that’s completed by your dentist can get teeth brighter and whiter even faster (compared to you doing it by yourself with a home kit). The bleaching solution that’s used by dentists is usually much stronger than at-home kits. Additionally, heat, light, or a combination of both may be used to speed and intensify the whitening process.

The most dramatic results- your teeth become three to eight shades brighter and it usually takes several 30- to 60-minute in-office visits. Some dentists use certain modern techniques that can be done in a single 2-hour appointment (e.g. the Zoom system). Coming to the cost of it, the process can be anywhere between $500 to $1,000.

Keep your smile white by avoiding:

  • Excess black tea and coffee
  • Sport drinks
  • Wine
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Sauces

We hope you now have enough information to make up your mind on whether you need teeth whitening in Brampton or not. Your dentist in brampton will suggest it, cause not only it makes your smile look more beautiful but also improves overall oral hygiene makes your teeth more healthy. To know more visit Dental Square Brampton.

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