The Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is about so much more than just having a nice smile and minty fresh breath. You probably know that regular brushing and flossing combined with professional cleanings and dental check-ups are important, but you may not be aware of how important is to keep a good oral hygiene regime – some obvious, and some less so. In this article, we will discuss some of many benefits of good oral hygiene.

It is good for your overall health

One benefit that many people are not aware of is that good oral hygiene helps to protect more than just the health of your mouth. Problems caused by poor oral hygiene – such as gum disease – can affect other organs in your body such as your heart, kidneys, and liver.

Regular brushing and flossing help to keep the bacteria in your mouth to a low level. When excess bacteria accumulate, it can lead to periodontal disease (gum disease). This is a painful condition which not only causes inflammation and possibly bleeding of the gums, but it can increase your risk of heart disease and low birth weight babies as well.

Early detection of certain conditions

When you visit your dentist for a check-up, it isn’t just cavities that they are checking for. A dental check-up can also identify early signs of serious conditions such as diabetes, anemia, and cancerous lesions.

Your dentist will definitely look for any signs of oral cancer – a serious and potentially fatal disease – which has a much higher success rate for treatment when caught in the early stages. If you are in Brampton, visit Dental Square.

Helps for the creation of an oral treatment plan

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their dental care. When you stay up to date with your regular cleanings and check-ups, it helps your dentist create a more effective and customized oral treatment plan.

For example, those more prone to certain oral conditions may need more regular visits in order to help ensure that their smiles stay as healthy as possible.

Helps to avoid tooth loss

Poor oral hygiene is among the top culprits for tooth loss in both children and adults. When bacteria accumulates in the mouth, it creates the white, sticky substance we know as plaque. When plaque hardens, it becomes tartar. While plaque can be removed through brushing and flossing, once it becomes tartar, it can only be removed by professional cleaning.

Keeping your teeth free of plaque and tartar is essential in the prevention of tooth decay which can lead to tooth loss.

A whiter smile and fresher breath

Finally, taking care of your teeth with good oral hygiene does help to keep your teeth whiter and your breath fresher. This can help you to look and feel more confident – not to mention the fact that having fresh breath will give you a much better chance of having a good social life!

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Maintaining good oral hygiene has numerous benefits including making you look and feel your best while helping to protect your overall health. We at our Brampton dental clinic aim to make your smile look great every time you visit us. If you are due for a dental visit and would like to make an appointment,call us today.

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